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Coast Longboarding Message Board
Subject: Tuesday22nd_Hard_Wheel_Clark_Park_Sesh

Subject: Tuesday22nd_Hard_Wheel_Clark_Park_Sesh Date: 20-01-2013
Author: ChevyChase Reply
It might be dry, it might be wet. Some friends and I want to start a hard wheel clark park sesh weekly on Tuesdays. Last week was super icy and wasn't much fun but we'll try again this week. If you want to get yer hard wheel slidin' on come out. Long term I'd like to see people bringing ramps/fun boxes/rails in the future but whatever. For now I'll just hope for dry roads. WHERE? >>> CLARK PARK: E15 ave @ Fleming St. googer map: http://goo.gl/maps/O0Ydy TIME? >>> 8:00 PM HOW DO I GET THERE BY TRANSIT? >>> get yer ass on a skytrain and go to commercial/broadway Stn. Skate south 2 blocks, enter clark park & get on the south side of it. You're there.