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Coast Longboarding Message Board
Subject: "Controlling Longboarding"


Subject: Date: 21-01-2013
Author: shnitz Reply
here is a recent article in our paper. for all of you dissing Capt Nemos shit and rebuttling us all the time, you must be COPS. well heres what our local Sgt. publically said about the matter.

i even typed this out for you all!!!!! no copy / paste!

know your rights!


CONTROLLING LONGBOARDING NOT EASY POLICE SAY by Carolyn Grant --------- One of the issues that interested council when speaking to Sgt. Laurie Jalbert of the Kimberley RCMP was that of longboards and skateboards.

Coun. Albert Hoglund queried Jalbert on what could be done about longboards on city streets. He has received calls from concerned citizens, he said, and wanted to know who was responsible and what could be done.

The short answer is not much. “With longboards I've gone all the way to the head of Traffic Services,” Jalbert said. “We know it's an issue, they are on highways at high speeds. I saw this guy laying flat on his board between Kimberley and Marysville. He went right by me and I said 'what was that?' Then I realized it was a longboarder. It was extremely dangerous.

“There are no laws specific to skateboards and longboards specific to helmets. They are not vehicles, not bicycles, not pedestrians.

“If they are on a provincial highway we can charge them with impeding traffic. But there are no other laws on any municipal road under the Motor Vehicle Act.

“Towns have been enacting bylaws as a way to deal with skateboards and longboards. Different municipalities deal with it in different ways, but there is nothing that can be done under the MVA. It's a difficult question and that's as much as we have found.

“If they put someone's life in danger there might be something under the criminal code, but if it's just a simple longboarder going down the street, there is nothing.”

Subject: RE: Date: 22-01-2013
Author: Wes Reply
Hey Jodie maybe these naysayers will finally fucking clue in, maybe just maybe all you non believers will finally listen to a peace officer. Lord knows if I'm saying it can't possibly be true, oh wait a minute did I just get informed that they actually took the time to read that fucking motor vehicle act, hahaha as for,impending traffic hahahahaha hahahahaha I just love how he try's tossing in that bull shit. Really is that all you got. Well I guess if your impending traffic give it a whirl mr peace officer. Yup right from the horses mouth eh, now don't all you boys and girls that have been accepting all those tickets aren't you feeling just a little well foolish. Just think of all the hassle and 💵💵💵💵💵 you could have saved by just reading ..... Shaking my head. Jody the alphabet club(RCMP) don't bother us in the valley just like they don't bother you in Kimberly

Stay strong obijodiewan the force is with you.

Subject: RE: Date: 22-01-2013
Author: Wes Reply
Hey did he just say nothing can be done under the motor vehicle act huh what was that I didn't hear you naysayers loud enough. This is for all of you guys over the years you all know who you are well I TOLD YOU SO, fuck I think I'm owed a damm apology from some one I'm sure of it. Well I won't rub your nose in it, what's it take for you guys to use the gray matter.

Jody you made my year I couldn't ask for a better birthday gift your words typed out on coast is music to my ears. Big 49 today.