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Coast Longboarding Message Board
Subject: Squamish

    RE: Squamish
        RE: Squamish
    RE: Squamish
        RE: Squamish
    RE: Squamish

Subject: Squamish Date: 03-03-2013
Author: POOK Reply
I am a local in squamish and need somebody to bomb with have a few friends but i want to get more seriose this year for the up and comming brittania classic WHOS IN THIS GODFORSAKEN TOWN

Subject: RE: Squamish Date: 15-03-2013
Author: Reply
my friend and i come to squampton quite often. gimme your number and ill shoot you a line next time we go up 604 345 1974 zack

Subject: RE: Squamish Date: 22-03-2013
Author: charls Reply
hey well i might be mooving there this summer at some point haha. wanna skate with a chick faster then you? ya if you drop your phone number or email adress ill let you know dude.

Subject: RE: Squamish Date: 29-04-2013
Author: TK Reply
Hey man i just moved to squamish, im always down for a skate, 403-438-0071

Subject: RE: Squamish Date: 30-04-2013
Author: Dickfish Reply
Yarr I'm down to skate if someone's got room in their vehicular vessel- I'm best to get ahold of with telepathic messages ormy gracebeef ( Dick Fish ) n a gangsta skate as a pic

Subject: RE: Squamish Date: 02-05-2013
Author: Abel Reply
Looking to sell som brand new wheels I'm in squamish