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Coast Longboarding Message Board
Subject: decks for sale

Subject: decks for sale Date: 10-04-2013
Author: lou Reply
airflow speed wings, all wood decks new 50.00 shipping included in all deck prices, have 8, 42 inch and 1,39 inch. airflow yani soderhall slalom deck 50.00 airflow raceline 50.00 2 available airflow freeride 50.00 2 available clutch downhill drop deck 50.00 new has stickers on bottom pavel pirnack 140.00

pavel downhill answer 110.00

sector nine race like new condition small scratch across skull, with kanas ,bones swiss, and lime zigs 300.00 airflow siegrist decks 2 available 75.00 pavel shrinkhead deck 30.00 PRACTICALLY GIVING AWAY AT THESE PRICES, WANT TO SELL BEFORE MOVING IN TWO WEEKS email me directly for pics all gear new except sec9 race complete which is close to mint

these prices are less then half cost of this gear! email me for pics

have a bunch of original tracker stims bushings in mint condition , greens and yellows

Subject: RE: decks for sale Date: 10-04-2013
Author: lou Reply
oops my email is lbl1stock@gmail.com for pics..sorry about double post