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Subject: Ambrosia Wheels - Supporting board builders

Subject: Ambrosia Wheels - Supporting board builders Date: 14-05-2013
Author: Ambrosia Reply

We are a new business located in Mascouche, Québec called Ambrosia and we have produced some freeride/slide wheels of our own brand, the Telltale Eyes.

The Telltale Eyes were created with one thing in mind: Freestyle Cast in a pure premium urethane, they are the wheels that will give you smooth predictable slides and a fast roll speed. Stone ground surface for consistent slides right out of the package Made in USA, designed in Québec. Diameter: 7cm Core: Centerset Width: 46mm Durometer: 81a

We are giving the best price we can, considering that shipping and customs takes about 2/5 of our costs.

We worked with various manufacturers, hundreds of emails and phone calls have been sent, tests and failures were done before reaching something we are proud to offer to the longboarding community.

Alot of dedication and love have been poured into our wheels to make something great. ` You can get a single set on our website : Ambrosialongboards.com.

Shipping's cheap, taxes are dealt with.

What we are really stoked about is that we are supporting board builders by offering them a discounted price.

The minimal order quantity is 5 sets for the boardbuilder price and '' proofs '' that you are building longboards.

Please send an email to info@ambrosialongboards.com if you are interested in our board builder price or visit Ambrosialongboards.com if you want a Telltale Set!

By the way, 5% of our sales goes to a local charity, how cool is that?

Thank you!