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Coast Longboarding Message Board
Subject: The thread where we don't give a truck

Subject: The thread where we don't give a truck Date: 27-05-2013
Author: Dickfish Reply
Loosen our hard wear nuts n rhyme n stuff.

-You're it.

Subject: RE: The thread where we don't give a truck Date: 01-06-2013
Author: Dickfish Reply
My life right now cowabunga rainbow skatehouse! Featuring the gnargoyles nestling in steezy bees skate-nests~ vapour flowin from within chateaux K skins skatans basement raisin curly mustaches n hell from below - smellin a storytellin' dickfish draft punk speedbumpin fish flakes to outer space from my humble undersea pineapple supple sanctuary of Skate The World supportin' speed sport spurts, organic mechanics mothertuckin' aerodynamics - safety circus freaks drivin the (surf tha earth) Skate The World hydrogen powered turtlebus come skate with us -Shake Swunt- the gnargoyles screeching slides worldwide seeing smiles in universal miles fun is the foundation of galactic communities interplanetary commuters of unity diverse seas of diverse cities fishy diversities - you are you yesterday; tomorrow's today momentarily forever this is our never never land the roofio of love is gravity roosting n boosting endeavour down the atmospheric slide. Put yo hands out n fakie pendy 360 aerial to a manny standy grounded down orbiting round slipping out to take Peter pans hand tonight we're flying to tinker the bell of overwhelming hellmet raising freedom freedecks the captain can't hook guppies for shreddin coral popular by demand Olympic by the end skate freely free skates free conch uss barnacles from yer dreams tentacles this evolutionary pentacle space crafting our un identified flying offspring: givin er n gettin out believin' in freedom of collective consciousness creativity ~ perpetual velocities flourishing opportunities, there's a gift growing in our ashes it's the presence of you n me simply complex earthling beings me and you presently in a futuristic present- represent possibility, scheme your dreams accepting adversities bad is good drafting n passing the past there's no class in old Skool neurology technology tellin me I am you, you are me and we are we, individually symbiotically Worldly Unfurling n whirling gravitational spiralling wildly fluctuating biological upgrading dissipation of the fish flakes and its a singular sea tandem surfing the Universe as we, seeing the dark side of the moon we grip the apex of humanities exponential inter-dimensional communication credential. Look out for each other so we don't have to worry about ourselves innocence is the only sense in industrialized nonsense, we are open books but do not read, written in Braille your eyes won't see, feel it out breathe it in flying with freedom from within never give up green for good luck pan reach out your hand help children believe again ~ maryhill laboratory ratz do ya hear that? We're doing the same thing we do everyday, try to Skate The World!!!