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Coast Longboarding Message Board
Subject: Routes in Van

Subject: Routes in Van Date: 31-07-2013
Author: Edwin Reply
Looking for some nice routes to have a crack at in Vancouver. Anyone know of any good ones? Specifically around West Metro Vancouver (UBC, Point Grey, Kitsilano, Dunbar Southlands). I'll be posting some of my favorites in the area.

Subject: RE: Routes in Van Date: 31-07-2013
Author: Edwin Reply
Chancellor & NW Marine: Nice, long, smooth DH ride from UBC to Spanish Banks.

East Mall & Stadium Road: Well paved, great DH with a smooth run off. No need for brakes, best done at night.

Wesbrook & Berton: Paved trail, leads down Binning Rd. Lit at night.

West Parkade, Thunderbird Parkade, Health Sciences Parkade, Rose Garden Parkade.

Man I love boarding around UBC, its awesome during the summer with less cars and people.