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Subject: SULLIVAN CHALLENGE #15!!!!!!!! 2016!!!!

Subject: SULLIVAN CHALLENGE #15!!!!!!!! 2016!!!! Date: 09-07-2016
Author: SCOTTY SCABZ Reply
Sullivan Challenge #15 Itinerary (2016)

Friday July 15'th:

The word From Scotty Scabz is the Annual Clydesdale event will be held at Wasa Lake Provincial Park this year. A beautiful 8km pathway around the lake and park. Wasa is located just 20 minutes from Kimberley and Cranbrook.

-Arrive and meet friends at Wasa Lake Provincial Park all day. -7:30pm meet at the Clydesdale Start line (see map). -Clydesdale race around the lake begins at 8pm. -Competators bring 12 beers each. -Winner takes all remaining beer! -Camp where you wish! -THERE WILL BE NO CAMPING AT SHNITZELS HOUSE, HE WILL BE AT WASA!! -NO ONE WILL BE HOME! NO CAMPING AT SHNITZELS HOUSE!!! -Driving into town Friday night is not recommended as there are roadblocks planned. -Camping at Wasa will be preffered.

Saturday Morning July 16'th:

-Meet at the Kimberley Skatepark on Rotary drive around 11am or so. -Annual BOWL SMOKER SKATEPARK RACE! -Racers donate $2 to clock a time. -Racers may log several times. -Fastest time of the day takes the $$$.

Saturday Night July 16'th:

-Live music at the bocce pits. -Live music and bzzr gardenz in the arena. -You may camp anywhere downtown Kimberley. -NO CAMPING AT SHNITZELS HOUSE, HE WONT BE THERE!

Sunday Morning July 17'th:

-Race setup and preparations 10am on location. -Racers register NOON SHARP!!!! -Racers under 18 need parent present to sign waiver. -Racing is FREE with MANDATORY $30 t-shirt purchase. -Practice begins at 1pm. -Racing begins at 2pm. -Clean up around 6pm. -Awards at prize giveaways at the Sullivan Pub after 7pm.