wheres all the bitchin???

shnitzel posted,

i came hear to read bitching about bricin... thought this is where the chat was.... that fuking guy eh???? what a clown.... fuk... fuk fuk... ha ha ha ha ha ha.

has chaput ran a race yet?

where do we bitch about bricin.... wait, what do i have to bitch about??? hmmm, see you at the start line bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2022 April 4 8:07 PM

Chapman (Andrew from Ontario) replied,

Had no idea this domain was still live.
Also came to read the backstory on the drama
So many memories

2022 April 5 2:39 PM

Concrete Wave Guy replied,

Holy shit, this place is still alive?
Ryan turned 40?
I remember when he turned 30!

2022 April 20 6:07 PM