Stolen BabyKiller

Stuart posted,

Hey, just got my lonboard stolen from me on the bus. Taken between the West Van Rec Centre and Dundarave Area. It's a Rayne BabyKiller with black BEAR trucks, the biggest Rayne red wheels, and yellow and purple bushings. Also on the topsheet is spelled out "SOUP" in griptape, but whoever stole it is likely to remove that. Anyway this is just a plea for anyone riding around that if they see it, maybe ask how they got it or whatever.


2012 October 21 3:24 AM

english replied,

were you asleep? Victim of big bullies?

unfortunately there's a lot of killswitches out there.

good luck, we'll keep our eyes peeled.

2012 October 21 3:40 PM


yo the guy who has it is at my school! come to wvss! i'm looking at the board right now as i type this, was just gunna post a found board thread!
if your around give me a call 778 232 3109

2012 October 23 3:04 PM