Williams Lake

Midget posted,

Ok, who the f is up here? Been here for a month and haven't skated once. Start work at Red Shreds on Tuesday...and heard there's some new pavement up Fox Mountain?

2012 October 21 2:37 PM

shnitz replied,

not there, but have bad newz......... our old friend the small black helmet finally met a sad demise in colorado. that little helmet did a lot of miles!!!! got ran over right in front of brunson, price and i.... poor thing... funniest thing about it all was the look on the guys face that ran it over,,,,,, when i wasnt concerned. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.... easy come easy go, it was i that left it on the ground.

thanx midget!!!!!! ill miss that helmet!

as for the puddle, thats where it all began ;) enjoy those roads! redshred was there!


2012 October 21 3:19 PM