Hey Coast Longboarders

Jimmy posted,

How is everyone doing?

I got another speeding ticket on GMR last weekend... they
snuck up on us, I just heard sirens and it was a BUZZ kill

Hey Striker! Hey Jesse! Hey K-Rimes! Hey Shnitzel! Hey JimZ!
Hey Benda! Hey Sandman! Hey Raggie! Hey ScooT! Hey
Meatball! Hey Coast Longboarders!

2012 October 25 5:39 PM

shnitz replied,

hey mr flindt!!!!! way too long! hopefully see you next season!



2012 October 25 9:11 PM

Andrew 'JuX' Quay replied,

Jimmy!! I miss all you guys. Getting out of dept is hard on the soul. Miss my coast Family!! Smoking one for all of you right after I role it!!! Black costume Spidey/Venom might be back next year if Everything I got lined up works out!!!!

2012 November 21 7:10 PM