LEATHERS FO SALE BUY EM (5'6"ish to 5'9"10 ish)

Atley posted,

they are black and yellow 2 peice honda racing leathers
NOT USED VERY BADLY. there are not rips or tears,
though there are a few scratches but not enough to
make any difference. GREAT LEATHERS im asking 300
CASH (or at least 200 + some gear) unless you can meet
me close to lynn valley or somewhere nearby if you're
interested at all text me, i need to get these sold and im
sure we will be able to work something out 778 874
5464 my names atley

2012 October 25 6:55 PM

Kurt G replied,

Still for sale?
If so can you e-mail me pictures?

2013 January 24 3:23 PM

RiceRocket replied,

ATLEYY NOOOOOOOOOOO!! Are you not racing next

2013 January 28 2:44 PM