Slash for cash

cApT nEmO posted,

So front page says it all ff bomb to the,splash remember
last year boarding thru the mall, all the fools that had to
do the shoe, my kid,jer puking all over the party, striker
pitching me beer bottles knocking em out of the park
with that over sized bat along with the cans of boo,, all
the hot babes chasing you yard wastes every where.
Now who the tuck in their right mind,would pass up
another kick at the cat, well me and the kid are all
booked in on the ff bomb, lace up ur racing shoes and
stretch out the beer gut, fuck yeah yard waste ur so slow

2012 October 31 11:10 PM

off axis replied,

hahaha yea buddy! hope to see you there Wes! redeyez for life!

2012 November 1 1:46 AM


Fake fool

2012 November 5 12:30 AM

raffle replied,

super stoked for this race! best hill

2012 November 6 10:18 PM