Rent a Room in the Mountains!

moement posted,

If you're tired of rain, wanna shred pow! then come rent a room (or two) in Kimberley, The Mountains. Home of the Sullivan Challenge n Clydesdale Longboard Race! Applicants gotta Be Positive! No Vampires.

Get a job at the ski hill, try your luck at ski bummin, come Night Skiing!

Cheap, friendly, warm living with an attempt at good eating. No Crawlies in the cupboards (unlike some skate houses...)

All's Good!

phonetically contact: dee-eh-en-(underscore) -em-oh-ee @

2012 November 12 8:22 PM

cApT nEmO replied,

I have a hitch hiker in the trunk do you have
storage space and a freezer?

2012 November 12 9:35 PM