Rayne Chris Dahl Pro Model

Habib posted,

Somehow, in the last few years I've managed to lose the
only one that I had. Would anyone out there have one
or know someone that has one that they'd be willing to
part with?

2012 December 7 12:07 AM

Winklestein replied,

i've got one of the prototypes i bought off kevin that you can have. custom graphic and all...

2012 December 7 4:20 PM

habib replied,

Thanks winklestein. Is it the ninja
graphic? How can I get a hold of you?

2012 December 10 11:36 AM

Habib replied,

That would be great. Do you know where I live?

2012 December 10 11:22 PM

habib replied,

thanks man. It's 1448 e 15th.

2012 December 11 10:11 PM