The day before the end of the world

Wes posted,

Well it's the 21 st in Australia and they have been wiped
out, it's the end of the world on this side of the globe
tomorrow. It's been nice knowing everyone I just can't
believe the world could just end like this who would have
thought. Well here in the valley there are kids with their
parents in under ground shelters spending the last days
with the people they love, boy are they ever smart.
They sure are prepared. I wish I was. Well I guess at
midnight it's all over. See ya all on the other side, merry
end'o'the world shit.

2012 December 20 3:21 PM

otis replied,

im on that side already. so many hills here, and the best thing is i dont need worry about crash. im too dead to die again

2012 December 20 4:30 PM