Longboard Coalition & Glenn Evans Bursary

unkle posted,

Finally getting caught up! Just got word from The
Longboard Coalition Treasurer Erian Baxter with regards
to funds raised from this year's "Skate the Forest" Charity
Event at Demonstration Forest.

The Coalition raised :
BBQ: $80.94
Auction at Event: $842.05
Auction post-event pickup at Flatspot Longboard Shop:
Event Total : $1243.99
We raised $400 for the Coalition at the 2012 Whistler
Longboard Festival.

2012 Total - $1643.99 - 10% to the Glenna Evans Bursary
@ Emily Carr University
2011 Total - $847.79 - 20% to the Glenna Evans Bursary

2010 Total - $1930.70 - 100% to the Glenna Evans

Surpluses will be put aside for future education and event

Big thanks to Madrid Skateboards, Landyachtz
Longboards, Rayne Longboards, Sector 9 Canada,
Sandbox Helmets, Rider Approved Designs, Bear Trucks, S
& J Sales Skate[Slate], Kebbek Longboard, Deep Cove
Outdoors, Orangatang Wheels, Coast Longboarding and
Restless Longboards

PS, Erian's family also raised $115.00 to go to Push for the
Cure from her son's t-shirt sales.

Thank you to everyone else for coming out and
supporting. Skate Safe

2013 January 8 5:14 PM


Surpluses will be put aside for lee's bank

2013 January 8 7:06 PM

EricDelta replied,

If the event raised 1643.99 and only 10% was donated, what did the other 1479$ get put towards? Setting up the event? Permits? I'm curiouse because only putting 10% of raised money to a carity seems quite low especailly when the first year it was 100% donated. Is there a website where more info is posted I looked around but couldn't find any.

2013 January 10 4:38 PM