legal help fighting ticket! freman!!

brian in chilliwakc posted,

hey i've got court on tuesday morning . fighing a ticket for not having id on me , goign through a roadblock . she gave me the ticket to sign . i looked it over for a while and handed it back to her and said i'm not not intersted in this . she then tore off the my copy of the bill and tried to hand it to me. i said no thanks i don't need that either . she got frustrated. threw it in my van , said served and walked away . does anyone know any refernce to the definition of aceptance whe reciving a ticket? am i in this contract?
thanks help me soon

2013 January 20 11:12 PM

shnitz replied,

problem is with driving REGISTERED VEHICLES is it is canadas property. not yours. and to use their property you must follow their rules. one of which is being able to provide a drivers licence if operating a VEHICLE.

ive refused tickets before, the cop mailed it to me, i mailed it back to him. then i was refused car insurance till i paid it. i hassled icbc to the top of the chain. they were NOT impressed with me. ha ha ha ha ha. in the end i paid it.

find ANY angle, show up for court and stick to your angle. dont let them sway you off track. and probably, the cop wont show anyhow.

good article in the kimberley paper lately. ill post it in another thread. wes will love it.

good luck jedi brian!!!!!!!!!! let the schwartz be with you in your quest for justice! fuking cops. hatem.


2013 January 21 2:09 AM