Wes posted,

Well the honey moon is over, caught up on some sleep.
Thanks to the event organizers for the race, thanks for
the Puerto Rican folks for having us all down your way
to race, and partake in wonderful weather and
hospitality. A big thanks to all the sponsors that
participated in kick starting this years racing season,
what a blast. Even though there was a slight hiccup on
Sunday, a BIG THUMBS UP TO K-RIMES for taking
the time to work side by side with the event organizers
and police on Monday to ensure safety and
professionalism .

To be able to attend 2 more races one of them being a
true west coast style race, set in a spectacular
mountain view, well all of it is totally worth while to go
back and bask in the warm sun.

2013 February 10 2:59 PM