who wants a fullpipe ?

kking brian posted,

fullpipe for sale. i'm selling it for $1000, what its worth in scrap , half of what i paid for it . th'eres a healthy bidding war goign on rite now get in on it!!. good things about it - doesn't rot in the rain , small footprint, only 10' by 10' , it sound gnar as fuck when your skating it, its an infinate renuable supply of gnar for your entire household, its a covered skatespot, i'd keep it but it wo'nt fit in the appartment and it would probally crush the building . its 6000 lbs post on stupid facebook or call me at 604 795 5630 oh yea its ten ft diameter and ten ft wide and comes with a stand th keep it from rolling away whie you skate it the stand also acts as a leveling device meaning the ground doesn't have to be flat where it sits

2013 February 11 12:07 PM