Off season-excersises?

Banjoman posted,

Ottawa is wet and cold, not ideal for training. What are people favorite indoor exercises to ensure strong legs, back and balance for DH. Thanks!


2013 February 14 11:29 AM

griZZ replied,

its all about how hard you swing those
arms when u push!! I find that
masturbation is the perfect exercise to
keep those muscles tight!! dont forget
to switch hit tho ;) lol... For your
legs maybe do a couple armed robberies!!
you will run faster than you ever have
in your life trust me... hahaha may the
force be with you!!

2013 February 14 12:40 PM

Ingrimus replied,

Make a little slackline.
Just build two of the little wooden workhorse like supports (plenty of pictures/instructions on slackline forums ya lazy shit) and buy a couple meters of tubing (flatline rope) at MeC

Cost you like 20 bucks. dont even need carabiners.

2013 February 21 11:08 PM