jacko won it today. if you want it back you
gotta go to australia and win an outlaw there!

2013 March 10 8:28 PM

Green Like Limes replied,

Down Town Scavenger Hunt circa 2007...The proudest moment of my life was when Mike Trashman McGoldrick dropped that key around my neck. I cheated that day by locking Liam outside the skytrain....cheat to win.

Then Trashman gave me some old used wheels...this day couldn't get any better!!

And yes I wrangled wearing only the key

But i lost it to Andrew Chapman on SFU...because hes fast and im slow.
but i did race with it around my neck which i dont see other people doing...its not a good idea but i still think you must defend the key while wearing it.

2013 March 26 1:00 AM