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Longboarder Labs Presents Our Geo-cache/Treasure hunt!

SEARCH * SPARK * STOKE! THE REAL THING Longboarder Labs is giving away hidden longboard treasures through out the Vancouver area to celebrate the opening of its Longboard only shop on West 4th St in Kitsilano.

Each week our sponsors have few treasures that will be released into Vancouver for you to find or not. (Do it though)
Clues will be given on the general location of the treasure each day, Some may be obvious to others, while others my not. There are some Rules to Follow!!! Yes rules, only a few though.
Rule One:
Once you find a treasure there will be a number inside Contact longboarder labs at or me Which number you have found Asap. So we can log it! Very important!
Rule 2:
Take a picture of Yourself with The treasure and Post it to our Facebook page.! show if your treasure!
Reason for rules All treasure hunters that find and log there
finding(s) with us will be entered in for a grand prize draw. Good luck!! Anyone can win! Go now!!
There are many different prizes to be found like Shirts,Stickers,Bushings,bundles,Wheels, Trucks, and boards! So keep checking longboarder Labs Page for updates on Clues and New Treasure updates.
Like our page for all the latest updates on our Shop, Longboard related things and Treasure hunt updates.

First 3 Treasures!
Treasure number 1/clue: A Record was broken here on this hill by an animal
Treasure 2: I taste have over 200 different flavors but you can't try me all in one day.
Treasure number 3: Spanish banks are my feet UBC is my head a giant road in between, in the middle lays the treasure, behind my box heart that is covered in axs and concrete.

Good lucky more clues soon!

2013 March 22 3:35 AM

chris replied,

I think i know where the 2nd one is

2013 May 23 1:57 PM