Wes posted,

This years race has been canceled. Today I was on the
phone with the fellow that issues the permit for the road.
They will be resurfacing the road with tar and then a
thick layer of gravel (the sharp kind) this will be from the
top to the bottom. It's will help stabilize the already
degrading paved road surface. It will be to dang ours to
do any racing. Next year the road will be smooth.
Personally I think this will put an end to skating that hill
ever again.
Oh well I will try and bring my good spirits and food to
other races I guess.
I want to thank all the people who helped make this race
happen, with out you guys it just..... Well you know.
Thanks to all the racers that came out on previous
One more thing if people are gonna ride the hill they had
better get their licks in while you can. The project will be
starting very soon.

2013 April 19 8:14 PM


RIP Mount Wash

2013 April 21 2:58 AM

Raffle replied,

Im coming up saturday! lets skate wes!

2013 April 22 2:22 PM

Raffle replied,

thats what I hear, see you this weekend

2013 April 22 8:32 PM