Coast is making babies!

Engrish posted,

Adrian's a dad!
My little boy Jaxson Bailey English is 8 lbs 4 oz with a full
head of hair! He's a strong lil man. Gonna make a helluva

All I can say is, boys....find a girl and get on the train! BEST
thing that could ever happen. Stoke from Saskatchewan


2013 April 28 10:22 PM

K-Rimes replied,

Ya buddy!!! Congrats.

2013 April 29 12:38 AM

Katie replied,

yeah Adrian!

2013 May 12 8:07 PM

Quinn's mom replied,

Congrats to all of you Adrian.. Enjoy your new
adventures.. Xxoo from all of us.

2013 May 21 12:45 AM