Ladyboarder to jakes rash (Stephens way)

Dickfish posted,

Hay guys lil lost here ill be crashing in gibsons Tuesday
night or whatever and trying to t to the rash in the
morning by hitch hiking- is anyone able to help by
posting a google map of it as I can't find Stephens way
off the highway - I've already paid an shizz has gotten
danger bayed so I'm renegading my way to te rash race.
I will be able to pay anybody who is willing to drive me
there either then or in te future. My number is 604

2013 May 21 9:22 PM


It's just past half moon bay going towards pender
from where you are in gibsons. You blew it
yesterday you went right by the place. Hey I got
an idea go to a gas station and buy a MAP.
It's roughly an hour from gibsons 40 klicks. You
have the name of the road, this is not rocket
science there are a million locals to ask. Out past
half moon bay. Read this post carefully and use ur
fucking brains.

2013 May 22 11:15 AM