Prize money at races


So why is it that a race in Mexico gives 6500 dollars to
opens men's final first place but a race that charges 225
entry fee gives 1500 to first men's open hmmm 1200$
for first ahah ahah doesn't cost that much to put a race
on. I don't care where it is or how good the hill is. Start
paying the racers more of the profit and less in the
organizers pocket. Haahah aha 1500 for first that's
sad so so sad. But killer race great job in organization
just give te riders more or the profit considering they
bring the people to watch an pay good money to race

2013 May 27 1:02 PM


free SULLY?

2013 May 27 4:38 PM


podium money is going down this year it seems.

chicks and masters got $500 for first and nothing for
second and third. i think there were 7 girls racing and
over 10 masters? entry fees back would have been
cool for podium

2013 May 29 12:07 AM

Obvious replied,

It depends how much the overall races costs...(haybails, insurance, fees, volunteers etc). Alot of these new races have heavier sponsors chipping in, and that allows more prize money to be given out.

Your $225 is mainly to cover race fees, not just an open prize pot

2013 May 30 4:56 PM

Brendan replied,

So, then someone throw a race on something super fucking gnarly and donate all your time/energy for free. I'll come for sure. But until that point, I have no problem paying 100 bucks a day to skate something kickass. People deserve to make money from working, I don't care how much podium cash is, when the fuck am I gonna stand on a podium. I just wanna skate.

2013 June 1 12:36 PM