unused gear for sale (Vernon)

Kris posted,

Stopped boarding a few years ago but held
onto some of my gear, need cash and space so
shit is cheap

Chopped 9to5 (Good condition, Vicious)
Sayshun Crisis (Decent condition, Vicious)
Bear 852s (Scrathed but strait)
Abec 11 wheels (I have no clue what duro,
decent condition)
Mini Hawgs 80a(not conned)
Tons of bearings and bushings

I seriously want this shit gone so 100$ or
best offer takes the lot

Can take photos if you want

2013 September 3 9:44 AM

krisscross replied,

everything sold on craigslist! wow!!! accept for the sayshun board, i burnt it.

thanx for shopping!

2013 September 3 11:56 AM