How to get to Danger Bay 13

Peter posted,

Here is a link on how to get to Danger bay 13.
Driving times and distances
How to get there from the airport
Ferry Schedules and prices
Weather at Danger bay
and a lot more links for you to make your visit that more enjoyable.

2014 April 3 2:36 PM

Fred Holstein replied,

Yeah just take the ferry to pender island it's a
blast. Last year it was awesome but I didn't really
see too many riders on pender island. I missed
the race cause I couldn't find it. Not this year I'm
getting to pender island days earlier and then I will
find danger bay and race with you guys.
Just make sure you have ferry money to get to
Pender island.

2014 April 3 6:29 PM

Peter replied,

Here is the link
Here is the link

2014 April 3 6:31 PM