Danger Bay Campsite Info

Bloodgoat posted,

1) All vehicles, RVís, motorcycles are to be parked in the designated parking lot only.

2) No motorized vehicles are permitted on Lions Club campground property. I.E. motorcycles, ATVís, go-karts. Human powered vehicles are exempt from this.

3) No firearms, air soft, paintball, pellet guns, crossbows, bows, slingshots, fireworks are allowed. This is a zero tolerance policy! Break this rule and you will be kicked out of the campsite and the RCMP will be involved depending on the situation.

4) Campfires are allowed in designated areas only as determined by the Lions Club property managers. Tree cutting is prohibited so please bring your own firewood.

5) Please leave your animals at home however they will be permitted and ONLY on a leash while in the campgrounds. If you bring an animal and it is considered a nuisance by either the Lions Club managers or other campers you will be asked to leave. Also please CLEAN UP after you animal.

6) Access to the soccer field is PROHIBITED! This field has cost the community a lot of money and future DB camping at the Lions Club will not be allowed if the field gets ruined.

7) Theft will not be tolerated. RCMP will be involved and you will be blacklisted from all future CLBC events.

8) Any assaults will involve the RCMP. Any problems with other campers please see security and it will be dealt with.

9) A word of warning to people considering drinking & driving. There are more RCMP in Pender Harbour than any other weekend of the year during May long weekend, and they donít like to give out warnings.

10) You must camp within Lion's Park property. If you are not on the property you will be asked to pack up and move within the property. There will be areas taped off and if you are not sure of the boundaries ask one of the security crew.

- Lock up all your valuables and this includes all your longboarding gear. The security and staff WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for anything that is stolen.

- Please keep all food locked away and not in the open when you are away from the site and while you are sleeping. We do not need birds, bears and other animals making a mess.

- Please supply your own wound dressing supplies (gauze, dressings, tape, bandaids).

- Please keep your campsite clean, and if you see garbage where it shouldnít be please pick it up and dispose of it in one of the garbage bins.

- Make sure you have everything you need before you leave. Rona Home Center in Madeira Park has limited amount of supplies such as small propane bottles, batteries, flashlights, rope, tarps, etc.
Please keep in mind that security is a requirement of the Pender Harbour community, the lions club, and RCMP in order for this event to happen. We are NOT Genesis security, but a bunch of volunteers that want to help keep this event alive and have a good time like the rest of you. If you have any issues please let us know and if it is within our abilities we will deal with it.

PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS A PRIVATE CAMPSITE. Only registered racers, their guests and sponsors will be admitted to the campsite. All others will be turned away.
Also please have your campsite fee ready. Lions club campsite is not free to use. No money = you turn around and go to the bank machine. Only 15 bucks in your wallet, head on down to the liquor store and play some music to get the rest of the money!
The campsite fee pays for camping for the weekend, toilets, bands friday, saturday, and sunday and maybe a few other perks.


2014 May 12 2:18 PM

Wes replied,

Yeah assholes bring those fucking air soft guns
again, I love smashing the shit out of em. Fucking
funny till I get hit in the eye, like last year. I'm
warning all of you if I see one of those I'm
smashing it. It's on the list as not being allowed
so fuck you. I got shot in the face last year on the
race course as a racer IN THE BACK OF THE

2014 May 13 12:16 AM