CNC MIKE posted,

Hey everybody, some drunk fuck-wits partying on the
roof of the appartment next to mine, decided it was a
good idea to light it on fire destroying 20 something
people's homes, almost killing them all as well because
everyone was asleep at the time. My building was the
worst hit so everyone in it lost everything, and the one
next to it has now been deemed unsafe and they are no
longer able to get anything.
There is a clothing drive, fundraiser, anything that can
help really, that will be happening tomorrow
(Wednesday june 11) at 8735 Selkirk Street #305

I hope to see you there, and please spread the word.

2014 June 11 2:25 AM

GRIZZ replied,

BUMP!!! You get sorted Mike? Wish I was
there to help! Best of luck dude

2014 June 18 10:13 PM