Grizz posted,

Can someone bring an extra fullface for me to the sully? I'm coming back from onterrible with no gear just my board gloves and a bucket lid. Help a brother out

2014 July 14 11:01 PM

Wes replied,

Fuck I'm not gonna be there. That sucks it would
have been nice to see you Grizz. Flying out on
race day to Russia. Gotta go to work there, at
least it's warm right now. There is a good chance
my dive team can go tiger hunting. Shit that
would look great skinned out for a rug. But hey
they got giant grizzlies there too. The hunting
should be great. The diving well it's work. Hope
you do well Grizz, actually I hope you win the
sully, all the best. Good luck.

2014 July 15 12:44 AM