peter posted,

Hahahaahahaha , just checked this page for the first time
in a years... moving,having baby,building, life.
Shit, I pissed my pants twice (just a few drops) just
reading comments on the first page. Too bad participation
and discussion has dropped off.
The king Brian pic on the front page rules, it reeks
experience,balls and gnarlyness.
I was never hard core, but ive bombed Jakes rash many
times around 2004 solo and with meet ups from this site.
(raggie ,mills,bricin,sandman and other dirtbags) I
participated in a bunch of the early 2000's seawall
rides,100's of 4th ave bombs, 10th east to alma, Cyps
bombs.Lived on the coast for a bit, bypass,
cemetaryhill/lower road at 3am no light. Multiple chan
kamakizee races.... so much fun.
Ive traveled many places in the world with my JAKES
RASH/dangerbay t shirt and Im approached by
racers(worldwide) all the time asking about my shirt...CUZ
Anyways skating= good times. Be happy
And Bricin, your captions on the front page are fuckin rad,
they always make me smile.

2014 December 14 12:19 AM

CApT nEmO replied,

Best post in a long long time

2014 December 14 10:06 AM

k-skinz replied,

i fuckin loved that post

2014 December 17 3:17 PM

peter replied,

This is a big shout out to the people of Coast, I don't
mean to brag but I like to boast.
Striker is the man, holding it down,
Driving a sticker covered van all around town.
Watch out for Chilliwack, they smell like corn,
King Brian used to take pics of skateboards and porn.
and They been bombing hills, since before u were
Wes is gnarly, on his board and in the water,
Divin down deep and bringing up a seafood platter.
Team Green has that name for a reason,
They be smoking fatties and bombing hills every
The green makes u chill, makes u go faster,
Wake and bake, Team Green is the master.
Jakes Rash is a fun hill, I love it to bits,
Crash on ur chest , you'll have roadrash on ur tits.
Red eyez, don't know much about them,
but they always be training, the hills are their gym.
Yardwaste is on the scene, tearing it up,
Get outta their way, they don't give a fuck.
What about Jody, he started the Sully,
Try to pass him, you end up in a gully.
One of the OG's, he raced the first red bull,
Pass me the joint, I need to take a pull.
Also Shreddi, he is the Deerhunter,
Bombing Cyps, smashing deers into the gutter.

... to be continued...

2014 December 19 3:15 PM

peter replied,

Holidays are over, I ate way too much.
But I'll probably have a turkey sandwich for lunch.

lets hear some more stories about shittin' ur pants,
But please no more of you're homophobic rants.

To keep coast stronger, peeps need to reply,
But with Facebook, its prob easier for u to hook up
and bumfuck a guy.

And that's why you all prob spend ur time there.
Creeping and lurking, lookin' for meat thats rare.

Straight,gay,transgendered or not,
Makes me believe you crave the ballon knot.

So start posting more about positive,funny shit,
Or just go back to suckin' ur mothers tit.
(u prob still live in mom's basement)
(not intended for people who don't)

2014 December 27 6:58 AM