Facebook and Social Media Lick Ass

Old Man Billy posted,

To all my fellow Coasties new and old.....I'm an old time longboarder/skater/surfer/skier who is sad at the lack of use and support for Striker and his site and am sick and tired of blind ignorant support by people for huge massive corporations that do nothing for us. To all of you out there who are using Facebook and Twitter and all other sorts of social media....stop right now. FUCK FACEBOOK!!! FUCK TWITTER!!! FUCK ALL FORMS OF CORPORATE SOCIAL MEDIA!!! What they hell have those assholes ever done for you? They ever pay you? They ever support you? They ever do anything for you?? NOO!!! So FUCK THEM AND THEIR BULLSHIT FORMS OF COMMUNICATION. FUCK THEM AND THEIR CORPORATE PRODUCTS AND BULLSHIT ADVERTISEMENTS. You all should support Coast. Post all your info, ramblings, requests for skate meets, event info and announcements, product info, videos and pics, stuff to buy and sell and trade here on COAST. Support the one that started it all. Support the one that supports you. Not one that just bleeds you dry, fucks you in the ass and gives you nothing in return. DONT BE A CORPORATE WHORE!!! DONT BE A BLIND IGNORANT SLAVE!! Props to COAST and to STRIKER for all the years of support for the local grass roots community. Lets keep it going strong and going forever.

2015 February 20 2:31 PM