Any skaters around Coquitlam/Lougheed?


Hey I'm so fucking stoked to go skating every
day but it's getting pretty boring doing it
alone all the time. My friends aren't as into
it as me. Anyone in the Coquitlam/Lougheed
area wanna go do some DH/freeride? I know
some decent spots around here.

2015 June 23 10:36 PM


We are always skating on Burke mt as long
its not too hot (top of coast meridian).
Great long runs and sliding streets.
Sometimes its one or two of us.....other
times there is a bit of a crowd. All ways
a good time.

2015 July 30 9:06 PM


Lot of good runs on Burke. Local fav is
top of scotch pine to the bottom of
Marguerite. Another is top to bottom of
Kingston. Our fav slide session road is
Heckbert Pl off of the Lougheed hwy.
We also hit Maple rd in portmoody. Check
out the Facebook group "Burke Mountain
Longboard crew "

2015 August 1 3:31 PM