Southvan Dinghy Throwdown

Hambone Winklestien the 3rd posted,

Meet at the 711 @ 7-11pm on Saturday March
Requirements: -Miniboard measuring 29
inches or less (I'll have a saw with me so
we can cut your board down to size) -
Helmet (gloves or some form of slide/wrist
protection recommended) -$5

There will be multiple locations for each
round at different sections of my
favourite runs. I expect us to do 3 bus
runs total (maybe four depending on how
many of you show up) and be done with it.
Cones will determine what banks are
mandatory... and fun will be our primary
focus for the eve.

Though I'm not the biggest fan of rules
there will be a few. 1. Get hit by or hit
a car and you lose. 2. No whiners ... if i
hear it you're out. 3. No "dirty" racing.
There won't be anyone to keep you in
line... but this will be a gentlepersons
event so bring your honour.

Just like life there will be no second
place... Winner takes all the cash. I will
however have other prizes for the
following categoies. Best Bail/Best
setup/Biggest Air ect.



2016 March 15 1:12 PM

shnitz replied,

hey winkle! did you post this shit on craigslist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ha ha ha!!!! good to see some actual sk8 info here. wish i could attend! NO WIGGLING!!!!


2016 March 15 2:54 PM

Green Like Limes replied,


2016 March 29 4:48 PM