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We raced in the rain today and it was sick. Chim Snerts's Skrrrt. was fast technical residential racing in the wet. we have 5 radios more spotters than racers and it worked out well. Nobody got hurt and everybody had a good time. Thanks Flatspot Longboard shop and cariboo brewing for everything. Everyone had a smile on their face at the bottom. This course would not be possible to skate safely without spotters so thanks again to you awesome spotters you are the best. Lots of blind corners that you NEED a crew watching and holding up traffic to make it safe.
As a spotter I like to distract the drivers or pedestrians I need to talk to. Its all about reading the situation. Is the driver pissed off? fake it and looked pissed off too, try to talk to them "Man arent these damned skaters going fast, don't they have respect for the roads and drivers!? well at least they got helmets. Take er easy bud. Bye!"
OR - Ask for directions, ask where a nearby landmark is(school, community center, business, whatever) just distract them long enough to allow your riders to make it through the corner/intersection/etc.
if they look stoked, then that's an easy one, just talk them up.

2019 April 13 11:06 PM

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2019 April 21 7:45 AM