Sir Jackson posted,

At the Chilliwack pump track, $2 per timed run, unlimited runs if you got the toonies, fastest time of the day at the end of the day wins the Sac!

2021 February 22 10:33 PM

Djahkobe replied,

Im gonna win

2021 February 23 6:27 PM

king brian replied,

i'm in

2021 February 23 9:29 PM

Djahkobe replied,

10-3 be there or be obtuse

2021 February 26 2:41 PM

Sir Jackson replied,

Was cool. Thanks for coming out, I think AJ had the fastest time with 21.6 and Troy had 21.75. Not to sure who had 3rd anymore Maybe Mike Bridge or Raggie, Jacob has the times.

2021 February 27 7:14 PM

GRIZZ replied,

Fuck Ya AJ!!!! Taking care of business

2021 February 28 10:18 AM

Sir Jackson replied,

Was a SUPER fast lap, I was only watching corner 4 and 5, AJ was shredding; Thought it was going to be a top time!

2021 February 28 10:21 AM