Looking for a longboarding mentor

Carlo posted,

Hey if you have spare time to teach and grow a community here in north van or anywhere near. I can drive anywhere. Im looking for some gnarly longboarders enhance my learning

2021 May 25 4:19 AM

Djahkobe replied,

We have weekly sessions in Abbotsford every Tuesday and skate most of the week out here

If youre ever interested let me know and we can get a sesh going

2021 June 2 3:59 AM

Carlo replied,

Hey id love to man... how can we arrange it?

2021 June 5 5:24 AM

Djahkobe replied,

Msgd you on instagram, ill talk to you on there

2021 June 5 8:21 PM

Sir Jackson replied,

Taggert Tuesday muther truckers!

2021 June 17 12:37 PM

Bryan smith replied,

Hey I’m interested in hooking up here as well. I’m in Mission. Message me on IG @bryansmith.canada

2021 June 23 3:56 PM