Jackson V posted,

I think this should happen this year. I'd really enjoy watching a pink slip race or 2. May long weekend or the same weekend as Danger Bay or?

2022 April 18 11:40 PM

SirJackson replied,

I'm going to put it on after Wolfgang Coleman gets back from Toronto later this year.

2022 May 24 4:30 PM

SirJackson replied,

I think I'ma put it on first week of September, would anyone come out?

2022 August 10 10:30 PM

JVOD replied,

I'm doing it at the end of September, rain or shine. because of Yardwaste event.

Free Wack attack, meet at the Chilliwack downtown skatepark the last weekend of September.

Time trials @ Pump Track/DT Skatepark -> 1v1 tournament @ Honeysuckle -> Chinese Downhill @ Grandview -> Pink slip races @ BriteSide

2022 August 22 10:43 PM

JVOD replied,

Septermber 24th, 9am dt skatepark

2022 September 2 3:24 PM

Jackson V replied,

Tomorrow, 9am-ish, downtown Chilliwack skate park/pump track area. I've got some seats in my truck for a classic set of Chilliwack hills.

2022 September 23 1:11 PM

Habib replied,

What about this year? BRIAAAAAN!

2023 February 5 6:04 PM

STRIKER replied,


2023 February 16 2:51 PM